Android phone restarts randomly – How To Fix It

phone restarts randomly

You’ve bought a brand new Android phone, but out of nowhere, it seems your precious phone restarts randomly. For some users, this issue comes up when they’re not using any app or the phone is sitting idle.

The causes may not be identifiable as such, but there are indicators that your SD card could be causing it, or problematic apps.

Whatever the case may be, try the troubleshooting steps below to fix it.

How to fix Android phone restarts randomly

Remove your Micro SD card

Some users may note that their SD cards are the main cause of the Android phone restarts randomly issue, because it gets resolved once they remove the card. You can try the same and see if it works for you without issues.

If the card is the problem, you need a different one or wait for a device update to ensure the card can work on your phone or tab in future. For now, this is a workaround until a fix is introduced by Android device manufacturers.

You can also check if the card works on other phones just to rule out if it’s the phone or card with the problem.

Move apps to phone storage

For some users, the issue may stop when they move the apps to internal storage instead of using the Micro SD card. You can still use the card to store media files like music or photos and videos, but moving apps to the phone’s storage can help reduce the problem. To do this:

  • Open Settings>Apps
  • Pick the apps you want to move and tap on it
  • Tap Storage>Change>select Internal storage
  • Tap Move and wait for the apps to be moved

Run maintenance for your device and check errors

This will check for any erroneous apps or malware, so take the steps below:

  • Open Settings>Device maintenance>Optimize Now
  • Let the optimization complete and see which apps are causing the problem
  • Check for app updates on problematic apps, or delete them

Safe Mode

This also helps check for misbehaving apps as it stops using all their functions on the device, and uses only the device apps. To do this:

  • Power off your device and wait 30 seconds and start it by pressing the power button
  • When the device logo appears press volume down button and power button together
  • The lock screen will appear with Safe Mode written below
  • Release the buttons and use your device to check if the issue has gone away

You can uninstall the apps or Force Stop them before uninstalling, and then return to the normal GUI of the device’s system before uninstalling the launcher.

Factory reset

This tends to resolve some issues as it restores your phone to its original state. Back up all important files and then do the following:

  • Open Settings>Backup and Reset
  • Tap Factory Data Reset and tap OK

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