Gmail Receives a New Update: Schedule Emails with Better Privacy

We leave in the age of streaming and social media, but emails remain an essential service for many internet users.

In most cases, they serve as a professional way to interact with other people, from potential customers and colleagues to professors and bosses. An email address is also mandatory when you wish to create an account for a large variety of services, including video games, streaming sites, and much more.

Gmail is one of the most reliable email services on the market. It is provided for free by Google and those who wish to enjoy several enterprise-focused features have the option to join G-Suite.

Below you can find a list of the most useful features offered by the service.

Schedule Emails

We have all been there. You have to send an email, but it is a bit late, and you do not wish to bother your recipient. However, sending it in the morning may be a bit impractical since you have lots of things to do. The schedule feature allows you to specify a time and press the sent button. Gmail will send it automatically for you at the appropriate time.

Simplified access

Users can control lots of features and settings by right-clicking on a conversation thread. Move and organize messages, filter emails by sender, open them in a new window, and much more.

Smart Compose

Smart Compose harnesses the power of AI and machine learning o help you write better emails. It is available for the desktop and Android version of the service.

Confidential emails

A robust confidential mode allows users to restrict message copying or downloading. Adding an expiry time will allow your message to disappear after a specified amount of time has passed.

The Gmail Android app comes with most of these features and much more. Update 254811277 adds the ability to schedule emails and use Smart Compose. It is likely that even more features will be added in the future.

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