Fake Spider-Man Ports Are All Over – Malevolent Third-Parties

Marvel’s Spider-man was one of the most anticipated video games of 2018. The action-adventure title was developed by Insomnia Games in partnership with Sony Interactive entertainment.

The game received excellent reviews from critics and reviewers alike, due to its excellent story, gameplay experience, and graphics quality. As Spider-man, the players will wage battle in New York as they attempt to thwart the schemes of a super-human crime lord known as Mr. Negative.

Mr. Negative plans to unite the criminal underworld and seize control of the city with the help of a lethal virus. During the game, Spider-man will have to battle Mr. Negative and his minions while also protecting the city and dealing with his responsibilities as Peter Parker.

Unlike previous Spider-Man games, this title tells an original story which takes places in an alternate universe which is known as Earth-1048. The universe was featured in a large variety of media content, ranging from novels to comics and a wide assortment of merchandise.

The title was released for the PS4, and its success has motivated Marvel fans to ask for ports, but the game was advertised from the start as a PS4 exclusive.

As expected, the success of the game has also attracted a large number of malevolent third-parties who want to earn a quick buck by scamming the public. A large number of videos have started to appear on the internet, promising the ability to play the game on the PC or even Android or iOS. In most cases, the videos will show authentic gameplay footage from the PS4 version, but HUD elements have been removed to create the illusion that it is a functional part of the game.

A link will lead to a page which promises an instant download after you complete some survey. Avoid such scams since paid surveys are often used by malicious entities who don’t want to be tracked. If you want to play the game, you will have to buy a PS4.

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