Facebook Lite Best Features And New Changes Available to Download

Why is different Facebook Lite from Facebook? The app, a “lite” version of Facebook, announced in August 2009, was optimized for users with intermittent or slower Internet connections. You can use Facebook Lite faster and easier to connect and keep up with your friends online, as it is small and works very well in 2G conditions and now coming with some improvements for reliability and speed.

You can do the things you would be doing on Facebook, like sharing to a Timeline, liking photos, etc.

Using Facebook Lite, you can find your family and friends, and keep your status updated at all time.

Also, you can share your favorite quotes, memes, or photos. When friends like or comment on your posts, you will get the notifications, just as Facebook does it. Yes, you can too comment or like on your Facebook friends posts. The app allows you to save photos in your photo albums and to follow people to find out the latest news.

It sounds familiar? That is because Facebook Lite does almost all that the Facebook app can do.

When first released as a feature of Facebook, back in 2010, it stayed operational for only eight months.

We don’t know what Mark did, but in June 2015, he reintroduced the feature as an application.

What’s new?

Being the “lite” version of Facebook, Facebook Lite does more than helping you stay connected online with your family and friends. The app has a total size of less than 1MB, and the new improvements come with the ability of the app of being used easier and faster in places where internet access is slow or limited.

If you received lag when loading the timeline of Facebook Lite, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, as Facebook fixed some bugs and now works smoothly.

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