Opera Browser 53.0.2562.140783 Beta is Now Live with Improved Software Stability

In a world where governments are trying to pass bills that will help them and ISP (internet service providers) control the internet activity of users and find out their search history, Opera Browser is here to save the day. Opera Browser is a powerful mobile browser that brings a plethora of features which make it a much more pleasant experience to surf the web in search of information or for entertainment purposes. However, the feature that truly makes Opera Browser shine when compared to similar apps is the fact that it offers access to free VPN (virtual network provider).

Since Opera Browser is equipped with a built-in VPN service, this means that all Opera Browser users don’t have to worry about getting their internet activity tracked by any unknown entities. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Opera Browser today is because the mobile browser has just been updated and we want to present everything there is to know about the software changes that the new update brings.

Opera Browser 53.0.2562.140783 Beta

The new update for Opera Browser is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels right now which means that everyone who enjoys using the features and premium user experience that this mobile browser has to offer can get the new update just by connecting their smartphone to a stable Wi-Fi network. In addition, this is a lightweight update and it doesn’t take up too much internal storage space.

The developers of Opera Browser didn’t want to go into too much detail in the patch notes and the only thing they said that is that the new update comes with improvements for the browser’s software stability. Therefore, Opera Browser fans should expect the browser to have a smaller chance of randomly glitching, lagging or even crashing after installing the new update.

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