Microsoft Surface Book 3 Would Be Delightful As A Gaming Laptop

Microsoft might just be making its Surface devices more attractive to gamers. Some might think that such a move might come into conflict with the Xbox Scarlett release that was announced at E3 2019. The company might just have the Surface as an option for gamers on the go.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 laptops are marketed as high-end devices that are suitable for all areas of concern, form professional productivity to gaming. In the same price range with Microsoft Surface Book 3, if you want to have more options, let’s consider HP Omen – low-end price, high-end performance

So if you’re interested in a jack of all trades laptop, then look no further. Although not built especially for gaming, all that such a laptop needs are powerful specs. Microsoft Surface Book 3 might be that device for gaming that everyone would need.

Surface Book 2 needs improvements

Far surpassing its first released version, the current Surface Book has a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 in terms of graphics, on its I7 line.
To further attract gamers, it sneakily added support for the Xbox controller that allowed for a better interface. Microsoft Surface Book 2 certainly did the job well, performing admirably for all its different types of users.

Microsoft has not provided details on its successor, possibly titled Microsoft Surface Book 3, but an educated guess would be that it will be ready for release in late 2019. It is rumored that it will receive the next-gen Ice Lake processor from Intel and cutting edge graphics from AMD. The combination will see good use from gamers without a doubt. The Xbox controller feature is already optimized in the current model, so expect to see that as well.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 to be a delightful gaming laptop

Microsoft Surface Book 3 will need to see some upgrades if it can call itself a pure gaming machine. Areas of improvement could be found in the screen, memory, and temperature regulation.

The incorporation of high-end components, along with proper engineering to a stable device, has become the overall norm. With creative professionals needing the same performance as gamers to successfully utilize demanding software. So, why not hit two birds with one stone with the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 3?

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