Clash Royale Getting a New Season Pass With These Changes

Top-rated game Clash Royale has unveiled a new card and ability, both associated to a hook, via the title’s official website and social media accounts. The announcement depicted an image of a hook, saying that the legendary card will bring a brand new and unique mechanic to the gameplay. This announcement has left fans, and players speculate whether a hooking mechanic will be coming to the game.

Approximately six months have passed since the last legendary card was released, so this was a long waiting. It seems that this is most likely thanks to an official Reddit post of the Clash Royale developing team in February, in which they stated that they were working on a new troop, with a pulling or a hook mechanic. It now appears that they were talking about the card being teased.

Besides the new legendary card, a lot of other features will be brought to the game with the latest update. A Reddit post, dating in June the 14th of the Clash Royale team unveiled what fans can expect from this brand new update. In addition to the all-new card, a new arena is also being bought, and even some changes to the crown chests. The company behind the popular game, Supercell, has not revealed any more information, so we have to wait until they decide to do so.

The final part of the Reddit post also contained an exciting detail which stated “Prepare for Clash Royale Season 1…..” It appears that Clash Royale will be having a season pass. The majority of other renown games already have a season pass, and it will come as no surprise if Clash Royale will also join the crowd.

The release date for the update has not been announced yet. Clash Royale team did say that fans should pay attention as more details will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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