Best Windows 10 Tablets That You Can Buy Right Now To Satisfy Your Needs

While Android tablets started to become a better alternative to watch YouTube videos or play Angry Birds on the go, Windows 10 tablets are an excellent choice for those who want to perform casual tasks but also need a device for productivity that can handle advanced programs.

The devices are very versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the small but mighty Acer Switch 5 to powerful beasts in the form of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Below you can find a list which highlights the best Windows 10 tablets you can buy right now.

Best Windows 10 Tablets That You Can Buy Right Now To Satisfy Your Needs

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – The undisputed king

The Surface line is renowned for the ability to complete any task you throw at it, and the Surface 6 Pro is an excellent representative. It doesn’t come with any flashy innovations, but a superb performance and charming looks make it look like a professional tool in any environment. The only downside is the lack of a USB Type-C port, but nothing is perfect.

Microsoft Surface Go – Fast and affordable

The Microsoft Surface Go is one of the best Windows 10 tablets for someone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 on a mobile device without the need to pay a lot of money. It is light, stylish and a perfect match for students or people who enjoy a great device.

Acer Switch 5 – The perfect balance between power and affordability

The case is quite simple. You want a tablet with a high level of power and a moderate price tag. The Acer Switch 5 offers a remarkable experience at an affordable price, but the display is not as bright as ones used by its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – For the media lover

The spectacular Samoled Panel and the high-quality speakers offer a remarkable media experience. If you like to consume media on the go, this is one of the best Windows 10 tablets that you can buy. The processor is quite speedy, but it is not great if you plan to run advanced productivity apps.

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