Sony Would Launch An Xperia Smartphone With Six Main Cameras

The light has not shined much over at Sony’s smartphone department for a very long time. The Japanese tech company has launched quite a few flagship phones over the years. But outshining Samsung and Apple has never been something the company could ever do. Now, according to some leaks, Sony would launch an Xperia smartphone with six main cameras.

The first model in the Xperia line was launched in 2010 and it featured Android OS rather than Windows Mobile. It had its struggles in the OS department all the same, as it ran on a lesser Android version that its competitors.

However, if a smartphone with six main cameras won’t do the job for Sony, I’m not sure what will. With no major camera upstarts from Huawei, the company’s main competitor, some time in the center stage may come for Sony.

According to recent leaks, Sony works on an Xperia smartphone with six main cameras

The primary camera of the setup will come at an aperture of F 1.2 at 48 MP, a whopping number for a smartphone camera to have. That’s something that is sure to outperform all the night modes that have been presented on phones all year long.

Is it a hoax or not? Sony has the budget to make the technology possible to incorporate into a smartphone. The company has also had big successes with its camera technology in the past. So no hoax in sight. It is known that the new Sony Xperia’s six main cameras will scale from 0.5 to 48 MP. The phone will be heavy on depth sensors and all these cameras will result in an optical zoom between 5 and 10X.

In other technical specs news, the new phone would come with a Snapdragon 865 chip with two possible variants. Concerning memory, be sure to expect it to have between 4 and 8 GB with storage between 64 and 256 GB. Images are provided by Sony for its new Xperia concept that showcases the rear mounted cameras as well as an edge to edge screen. Many hope this will catapult Sony into the top of the smartphone department.

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