Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To Sport Sound On Display Technology, According To Rumors

The rumors are always emerging when it comes to unreleased games, devices, or apps, so there are plenty of topics to choose them. Upcoming smartphones seem to be one of the most popular fields for rumors, and a brand new story joins the group of select Galaxy Note 10 anticipated features which may or may not make an appearance.

According to a source, Samsung plans to drop the classic earpiece in favor of the innovative Sound on Display technology. The source claims that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 features a chin which is too thin for a classic earpiece speaker.

It is important to keep in mind the fact that the upcoming device is surrounded by a thick layer of rumors and speculation. While Samsung offered a single version of the device since the range was introduced back in 2011, it seems that the pattern will change as the company plans to release four different models, and two of them will have 5G capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To Sport Sound On Display Technology, According To Rumors

The change would be quite different in comparison to the classic schedule, but it seemed to work well for the Samsung Galaxy S10, and it is likely that the company wants to see if the demand for such versions can make the jump to the iconic phablet.

Leaked renders suggest that the design of the device will be changed dramatically. The bezels were trimmed and are now considerably smaller, and it seems that Samsung will use the Infinity-0 panel with a cutout for the selfies camera placed in the middle. The looks are quite impressive, and the lack of a visible fingerprint sensor on the device infers that an in-display version will be used.

The device will carry a triple camera array on the back, but the specs remain elusive at this point. Sound on Display tech converts the body of the device into a diaphragm, allowing the panel to generate sound waves when you keep your ear near the display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models will launch on August 7th, during an exclusive event in New York.

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