Minecraft Update Version 1.91 with a Full Patch Available to Download for PS4

The new update for Minecraft is coming with version 1.91 and a full patch release and notes for PlayStation 4. If you are curious about the changes in the game, we have a list that includes all the updates for Village, Pillage, Bells, Raids, New Achievements, the Skin Choice, other new features to the campfire, food, and the Bamboo Jungle, and other changes.

  1. The Village Update – new buildings and enhanced village are updated, so is the architecture for plains, savannah, desert, and Taiga.
  2. New Villagers Update – from now one, villagers will have unique clothing that indicates their level, biome, and profession. Now all the villagers are sleeping in beds, and they will go to their jobs during daylight and come home at night. The update comes with an addition of Mason and Nitwit villagers, and a great improvement to the villager pathfinding. The villagers from the current world will convert with the new update, and the Zombie villagers now have a biome-specific and professional skin layer.
  3. The Job Sites – every villager can take a profession to the nearest job site block; they can even claim the sites and have functions for players. You will have the Cartography Table that is providing an easy way to copy and to enlarge maps, and those maps can be unlocked with the help of glass panes. The Barrel is storing items and can be open with a block on top of them as you know. Also, with the Smoker, you can cook food much faster, and with the Blast Furnace is rapid for smelting. Besides this, the Composter is adding more crops for bone meal, and the Stonecutter is good to use for crafting stone and other items.
  4. The Trading – the update is adding new villager trades, which means that villagers will have a trading system and will hold up an item they wish to trade if the player has something they want. With the trades they make, they gain experience, and they level up. All the trades will resupply when the villagers arrive at their job site.
  5. Keep a Look on the Wandering Trader- this villager mob will appear at villagers gathering periodically, and it will stay for a period of two-three game days. Two llamas will accompany it, and it will offer various items from different biomes, such as random dyes and other rare materials that you may need.
  6. The Bells- the bells will make the villagers run into their houses. The bells are activated and the red stone powers ring when players are interacting with them, or they.
  7. The Pillage Update – the new tower will be the hangout place for pillagers, and they generate in the same biome as the villagers. If you want more loot, you have to clear them out, but they will respawn around the tower. Also, if you kill an Illager Captain, you will receive the Bad Omen effect.
  8. The Raids – mentioning the Bad Omen above, this will trigger a raid when you enter into a village. The village is attacked in waves by the pillagers’ enemies, and if you succeed to defend it, you will receive the Hero of the Village effect and a steep discount on trades with the villagers. Be aware of the Ravager, who is a powerful and new mob enemy, and you will find it in the village patrols and the village raids. Take note that it has the power to destroy some blocks, so be careful.
  9. The New Features – the Campfire will be a new camp source for your village, it works exceptional instead of a fireplace in a home, don’t worry about the fire spreading. Also, you can use it for cooking. The update is bringing a new source of food- the sweet berries that can be found in Taiga biomes but keep an eye for thorns. The Bamboo jungle is now generated in Jungles, and in the Bamboo Jungle as well.
  10. Skin Choices – if you choose a skin from the skin pack, you will have it automatically selected on the other Bedrock devices if you use the same account. Unfortunately, some skin pack isn’t eligible for selection, but the accessibility features are added, and you can enable them from Settings.
  11. New Achievements – Kill a Pillager Captain (20G); Ring the bell with an enemy in the village (20G); Use a Grindstone for making experience from an enchanted item (20G); Trade for the best possible price that you can get (50G); if you are feeling courageous trigger a Pillager Raid (20G); or you can defeat a Ravager (30G); and finally, befriend twenty stray cats (20G).

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