GTA 5 Online Casino Update – the Release Date and DLC Patch Notes

Yesterday was the day of the significant announcement.  Rockstar had finally confirmed that GTA casino update would be launched. The news is in an online post by Rockstar where the company says that GTA casino update will come with Diamond Casino & Resort this summer. Besides this, GTA casino will have lavish amenities, first-class entertainment, exclusive shopping, and gaming facilities.

GTA 5 Online Casino Update

Rockstar is hitting the games titles once again with the Online Casino update. Since last week the company said that the update would come with a DLC casino. The update is well received because since the beginning of GTA 5 (six years ago) the developers promised a casino that will be open. The waiting was long enough for players. After five years you can only think that it will never open.

However, everything happened when after the release of GTA 5 online update, the sign that says “opening soon” from the casino was gone and cones appeared in the front of the entrance. This move made a lot of speculation, and many thought that opening the casino will be the last major patch for GTA 5. So the prediction is right in a way, the casino will be open.

Also, everything came in a Twitter post with a short video containing the logo of the GTA 5 Online Casino DLC. Of course, the post wasn’t providing the release date of the casino patch. But if we are going after the rumors, we could say that the update will come in late June or early July.

Finally, speculations are showing some exciting features with this new update. For example, the Online Casino update will add horse racing for the first time. If this will happen, then maybe each player could bet on the horse racing, or they can even ride one.

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