iPhone 2020 Models To Come With 5G Support and Larger Displays

Next year will be a significant year for Apple because the two new iPhone 2020 models would arrive with support for the 5G network and larger displays. Even if the company is a bit late in launching 5G-compatible devices, that is something Apple is doing since we know it. Apple is always adopting the standards a bit later, they let them to the mainstream, and after that, they decide to incorporate in its devices. The well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, says that the two iPhones models will arrive next year and is giving us some insights.

Ming-Chi Kuo says that we can expect for three new iPhone models in 2020 and two of them will have the 5G support. The two models with support for the 5G network will have OLED screens and 6.7 inches and 5.4 inches versions. From what the analyst says, the 5G modems will be provided by Samsung and Qualcomm. Even if Apple is working on its 5G modem, probably we will see it in action somewhere in 2021.

iPhone 2020 Models To Support 5G Network And Have Larger Displays

Also, the iPhone XR successors will come with an OLED screen, but no 5G network support. This is what the report from the analyst says, and if it’s true, then it’s a little bit disappointing. Apple will change the screen at the future iPhones, so all that will come will be with OLED display. This will increase the price for the models, and we will see if the prospective customers will want to pay for a better screen.

Finally, we have good news even for the customers who don’t want an expensive model because of the display. Apple is offering a cheaper model with 5G network support as well. If the future sounds good, maybe a lot of people will buy the iPhone 2020 models with 5G network support, and Apple will have potentially higher sales.

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