Google Stadia Won’t Offer Cross-Platform Support For Destiny 2

Ever since Google announced the release of its own console, Google Stadia, gamers all over the world have been wondering what the company has in store for them. One question that has been popping up un everyone’s mind is ”Will Google Stadia offer cross-platform support?” Well, for all of you Destiny 2 players out there, we have some bad news. It seems that Google Stadia will not give you the chance to play your favorite game with your friends using other consoles.

The developer of Destiny 2, Bungie, recently announced that the Stadia game streaming service, that launches in November of this year, only allows users to play with other Stadia players. After having been asked many questions, Bungie added to Destiny 2’s FAQ page: “Stadia is its own ecosystem, just like current existing platforms.”

Google Stadia Won’t Offer Cross-Platform Support For Destiny 2, At Least

Destiny 2 has recently become a selling point for Google Stadia. Users that choose to pay the $11.99 price for the Stadia Pro subscription will gain full access to Destiny 2: The Collection without any additional cost. Even more, if players purchase the $169 Founder’s Edition package, they will get three months of Stadia Pro for free. Destiny 2: The Collection includes the Shadowkeep and Forsaken expansions with Annual Passes, Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

After a PC Gamer took to Twitter to express his curiosity, Mike Noseworthy, Destiny’s general manager, said that Bungie should include Destiny 2 cross-play with PC, as there are no factors that prohibit it. Noseworthy also mentioned that the developer team will eventually deliver cross-platform playing. However, this will not come to fruition very soon, since the developer is focusing on delivering cross save to all platforms for now, which will give players the ability to access the same character and game progress across different platforms.

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