Gmail: Best Features That You Might Not Know About, But Which Are Useful

The most trusted service of mailing, Gmail from Google, passed for the last year through some changes and has received a brand new look. The most notable features are the ones that change the way you organize your inbox or the way you handle the messages sent to other users.

While many people use Gmail, some of you might not know about all its features. Below, you can find a list of the best features in Gmail that you might not know about.

Gmail best features that you might not know about

Inline Action Buttons

This feature added in 2018 contains four inline icons. When you open a message from your inbox, they will appear to make it easy for you to access your most common actions, as answer a message, delete, archive, mark it as read or unread, or snooze.

The Right-Click Menu

The Right-Click Menu in a mail is enhanced with more fast ways for you to choose to forward, reply, and reply to all. With this menu, you can also use different labels for a specific message, or put it to another inbox.

Snooze Messages

This feature is the best one as we all had problems in the past with essential messages popping up and not giving you the choice to ignore it for the moment because of the possibility of forgetting about it. So, with this new feature, you can postpone dealing with your messages until afternoon, tomorrow, next week, etc.

Plan your emails

It can happen from time to time to not have access to a computer or a smartphone to send a mail with Gmail. If you go to the options menu and click the triple vertical dots, you will open a list that will have the feature “Schedule Send.” This one allows you to write a message now and program the mail to be sent later, at a time specified by you.

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