Windows 10 June 2019 Is Yet Another Disappointing Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has started to push a healthy stream of constant updates after the infamous 1809 was released. The latest Windows 10 June 2019 build arrives, but it is another disappointing Windows 10 update, as it can break select Bluetooth connections and pairing. A significant surprise comes from the fact that Microsoft released an official announcement which noted that the update would actively prevent Bluetooth connection between specific devices and the OS.

That means that the connection restrictions are intentional, a change which could have a negative impact in the case of thousands of users by removing the functionality of devices which rely on the low range wireless connection protocol.

The new Windows 10 June 2019 update is accompanied by a significant change related to how Windows 10 patches are delivered. The vast majority of Windows 10 users do not have any form of control over how updates are downloaded and installed by the system.

Windows 10 June 2019 update brings several changes and improvements, but it remains disappointing

The cumulative Windows 10 update, which was released on June 11th, features some exciting changes. A large number of updates focus on a variety of bug fixes and vulnerabilities which threatened the system. Microsoft has strived to improve the security level of the OS, and this can be seen with the naked eye. Windows 10 is resilient against Remote Desktop Protocol and Ransomware viruses which target essential user files.

One of the security updates tackles a vulnerability known under the name of CVE-2019-2102. This vulnerability is tied to Bluetooth connections which use the Low Energy or LE protocol. Security experts found out that malicious entities have the option to exploit the bug as they attempted to obtain valuable data from a target computer.

Hostile entities which were present in the proximity of the PC had the option to collect arbitrary keystrokes. The threat was removed, but some users complained about it on several forums after they lost their ability to connect several accessories. Users who experience issues are advised to contact the product vendor.

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