WhatsApp Not Working After iOS 12 Update [FIXES]

WhatsApp Not Working After iOS 12 Update

Several users have been reporting certain problems with WhatsApp not working after iOS 12 update on their iPhones. iOS updates are one of the most important functions because they easily eliminate bugs and come with critical patches that help with your device’s functionality.

However, an update can also bring with it great new features that help the iPhone run more efficiently.

Common WhatsApp issues after iOS 12 update

Here are some common issues that users have reported after updating to ios 12 and their WhatsApp service didn’t work:

  • Not being able to send or receive messages
  • WhatsApp notifications not working
  • The app keeps saying “connecting”
  • WhatsApp doesn’t open on iPhone

All these issues need to be fixed so as to restore WhatsApp back to its purpose so try the fixes below and let us know which one worked for your device.

Fix WhatsApp Not Working After iOS 12 Update

Check network

  • Your internet connection helps you send and/or receive messages on WhatsApp. If the WiFi or cellular data connection isn’t working, or has been interfered with, then the service won’t work as expected. You can fix the connection by doing the following:
  • Open Settings>Airplane Mode and then toggle it on or off to reset the connection
  • Open Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data and turn it on

If you’re using WiFi, open Settings>WiFi and turn on and then turn on again or connect to a different hotspot or network.

You can also reset the connection if none of the above work: open Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

Clear storage

WhatsApp not working after ios 12 update can be caused by insufficient storage on your device as it interferes with app functionality. You can open storage settings and see the apps or services taking up a lot of space and delete what you don’t need or don’t use. If it is media files you need, upload them to iCloud or use a third party app to remove unnecessary data on your iPhone.

Enable notifications

If you’re not seeing WhatsApp notifications, check if they’re enabled by going to WhatsApp Settings>Notification and turn them on if they’re not enabled.

In case you find that the app says “waiting for this message” after ios 12 update, the person sending you the message has to be connected to the internet for proper encryption to occur before the message gets to you. The sender could have recently installed WhatsApp so it’s a matter of waiting.

If WhatsApp says “connecting” but it never connects, reset network settings by doing this:

  • Open Settings>General
  • Tap Reset>Reset network settings
  • Rejoin your WiFi password
  • Unisntall and reinstall WhatsApp

This helps when you can’t open WhatsApp on your iPhone. To do this, backup the data on WhatsApp before uninstalling the app, and then reinstall from App Store. To backup, do this:

  • Open WhatsApp settings>Chats
  • Tap Chat backup

You can also force restart your iPhone and see if it helps fix the WhatsApp not working after iOS 12 update issue.

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