Xbox Two or “Project Scarlett” Will Be Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console

Microsoft is coming up with a brand new console which is set to be launched during the holiday season of 2020. The “Project Scarlett,” alternatively known as Xbox Two, is the next-gen console that Microsoft announced at its E3 2019 panel. The company divulged a few details about the device, which will apparently be capable of displaying in 8k resolution at 120 frames per second.

However, the company did not want to reveal any more information. We will probably have to wait until next year’s E3 conventions to find out the full specifications of the console. Some fans are already wondering if it’s going to be more powerful than the PlayStation 5. In the current generation of consoles, PS4’s specifications overcame those of Xbox One, on which games ran at 900 p, with as low as 30 fps. However, Microsoft was able to overtake the market with the launch of Xbox One X, leaving the PlayStation 4 Pro in the dust. Xbox One X featured 6 teraflops of computing power, making it the most powerful console on the market.

Here’s what we know about Xbox Two or “Project Scarlett”

Although Microsoft did not want to divulge many details about “Project Scarlett” at E3 2019, the company did reveal that this console will be more performant than PS5. In an interview given by Mike Ybarra, the Vice President of Microsoft’s Gaming Corporate, and Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management, more information was revealed about “Project Scarlett.”

During the interview, Ronald revealed that the Scarlett console was created to produce the best possible versions of their games. He said: “As we look across the entire design of the system, everything from the SOC (system-on-chip), to the memory that we have to the SSD that we’ve put in there. It’s really about eliminating all those bottlenecks, so those game developers can really deliver on their visions, to try and enable developers to make the best possible versions of their games.”

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