YoWhatsApp 7.96 Anti-Ban APK Available to Download with New Improvements

The problem with the ban on the other versions of WhatsApp is still going on. For example, GBWhatsApp has received a ban as well, and after the users panicked about it, an update from the developers reached out to some user. But at the same time, with the ban update, users of GBWhatsApp we’re still getting banned. And after that, another version of GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp developers are rolling out an Anti-Ban update 7.96 for users. The success of the update is astonishing! Let’s see what’s new with the new update.

YOWhatsApp Version 7.96 Anti-Ban Update

The success rate of this Anti-Ban update is 99.9%, and the download is available. Also, besides the Anti-Ban feature, the update comes with Status Splitter. The Status Splitter feature is like a scissor that splits long videos into 30 seconds parts, and it ignores Archived chats. However, for the users that received the ban, you must do something instead. The first thing is to take a backup, and then you can uninstall your YOWhatsApp. After that, install version 7.96 and verify your number again.

Let’s see what Change logs are with the new update

  1. The Status Splitter that is cutting videos to 30 seconds parts;
  2. For the iOS users, now you have the missing old emoji;
  3. The ignore archived chats are enabled, enter Settings and Notifications;
  4. You can now see how many times a message is forwarded, select one and tap Info;
  5. You can see the frequently delivered tag on the text that is up to five times;
  6. The Anti-Ban feature;
  7. The performance is improved, the app is opening faster, and the lag eliminated;
  8. The anti-delete Status or Messages option works now;
  9. The hidden chats that showed in the widget are functioning;
  10. The bug that creates random crash when a notification arrives is fixed.

Finally, two new alerts come to YOWhatsAPP. The Delete message time is back to 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the forward limit is back to five.

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