Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Model Would Arrive in August This Year

The internet rumor machine is always hard at work, and the anticipated release of the next entry in the popular Galaxy Note range has been a favorite topic on several tech-oriented platforms. The device itself is quite controversial as some sources claim that Samsung wants to implement some drastic changes in Samsung Galaxy Note 10. News about Google Pixel 4 attracted some of the heat, but many fans continue to complain about the rumored changes implemented by Google. Galaxy Note 10 might take advantage of that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – New Changes

Thinner bezels

It is expected that prospective customers will enjoy a device with bezels which are thinner than ever. Since increasing the physical size of the phablet is not an option the only way to introduce a larger display is the sacrifice of the remaining bezels and it is possible that they will be removed completely at some point.

The fate of the selfies camera

Some outlets anticipated a punch-hole camera in the vein present on the Galaxy S10 range. Others believe that Samsung may ditch this approach for something different, and the recent leak of a screen protector doesn’t feature a camera hole. It remains to be seen if Samsung will opt for a classic setup or bleeding edge tech.

A wealth of power

The possible specs of the device are the one topic on which most sources tend to agree. It is thought that Samsung will push the pedal to the metal, offering a device with an impressive 12GB of RAM and the world-famous Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820, which may vary according to the target region. A 6.3-inch panel with a 1440 x 3040 resolution will deliver an excellent performance.

The size of the panel is debatable, and some analysts anticipate a larger 6.4-inch or even a 6.66-inch display. However, there is no way to verify these claims at this point.

Improved cameras

One report from a reliable source infers that the device will sport a quad-lens setup in the rear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Would Come Out in August This Year

Given the release dates of the previous Note smartphones, we believe that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would come out in August this year. Accordingly, soon, we’ll have more official details on the next installment in the Galaxy Note lineup.

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