Google Pixel 4 Revealed On Twitter, And It Looks Similar To iPhone 11

We have seen many Pixel 4 leaks in the recent past but Made by Google has given us the first official look at the flagship phone in its tweet.
From the tweeted image we can only confirm 3 rear cameras with a square bump, similar to the iPhone 11 renders that leaked earlier this year. Google Pixel 4 is rumored to have the Project Soli chip installed that would allow for hand gesture operation by means of motion sensors developed by Google.

While many leaks and rumors emerged on Google Pixel 4, we now have something quite official about the upcoming Google flagship. The photo posted by Made By Google on Twitter revealed the design of the next installment in the Pixel lineup, and it looks quite similar to the iPhone 11 leaked renders. Accordingly, Google Pixel 4 will present its main cameras situated in a square pattern, just like the next 2019 iPhone models. While the change seems nice, some fans of the lineup complained about this specific similarity between Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11.

Google Pixel 4 Would Come Out in October 2019

“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do. #Pixel4,” said the official tweet. The official tweet indeed suggests something big in the works with the phone and there is much suspicion regarding the implementation of the technology. Project Soli was first presented at Google I/0 2016 by means of a video demonstration on how the tech could potentially work, manipulating smart technology with hand gestures.

The phone will probably feature a notch, edge mounted speaker grills and buttons on the right side for volume and power. Rumor has it the left side will be button free and no fingerprint scanner. The release date for the Google Pixel 4 is believed to be sometime in October, and it will most definitely have Android Q as an operating system.

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