Fallout 76 Available Soon with New NPC with Dialogue for Hardcore Fans

Everyone known, even Bethesda, at the E3 2019 from Sunday, that there is an issue named Fallout 76. The game was launched in a rough state, and for the fans that weren’t a pretty thing, so feedback has come.  Because something hadn’t gone well for Bethesda, the company has been referring a lot about the fan criticism and the help they received through it. Of course, the company has announced a lot of changes for Fallout 76, and we can see the efforts there are putting in.

Fallout 76

If we analyze very good Fallout 76, we can say for sure that the story of the game is scarce without an NPC. Besides this, the players are having problems with the tools that aren’t enough, and the PvP experience is hell. The players had a hard time to find out exploits everywhere. The updates for Fallout 76 have been like some emergency triage and a hurry to improve the wasteland.

However, Bethesda had enough time to start to focus on the game and improve it. Therefore, more quests, a hardcore survival mode, and beefier dungeons have been added. After that, players have gained the ability to open stores for livening up wasteland. But, this addition added by Bethesda wasn’t ideal; they were showing that the developers are experimenting. For example, the developers have added an unmarked quest that made you open the Vault 51, which was full of people.

Also, Fallout 76 will receive NPC with dialogue, even if some hardcore fans were ok with the characters designed by Bethesda. But the role play will always be good and make everything more curious, also if Todd Howard, the Game Studio director of Bethesda had another opinion. He said that the purpose of the game without NPCs had been the key to make Fallout 76 different from the other Fallout titles.

Finally, the significant addition to Fallout 76 will be the battle royale mode. Maybe this mode will change the player versus player battle that is imbalanced because of the weapons. All these additions to the Fallout 76 are the way Bethesda is trying to improve the experience. You will see a lot of new customization items, and all of them will be released at the same time.

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