Xbox Scarlett To Come Out During 2020 Holiday Season, Microsoft Announced At E3 2019

Sunday was a great day for Xbox users and fans. Microsoft has unveiled its next-generation Xbox Scarlett console, also known as Xbox Two. The company is planning to deliver the console during 2020 holiday season. The company has said that the future console will be for times much powerful than the current Xbox One X, it will come with a great memory, better graphics, and a higher resolution.

Phil Spencer, the executive VP of gaming at Microsoft, announced that a console should be built and after that optimized for one thing – games. The company is sustaining the idea that a lot of games even from four console generations will play and look perfect on the new Project Scarlett. Microsoft is well known for the refreshing it’s making to gaming consoles at every few years. As we all know, the latest refresh was the Xbox One launched in 2013.

Xbox Scarlett Would Come Out During 2020 Holiday Season, Microsoft Announced At E3 2019

However, this official announcement has come before E3 2019 video gaming conference. On the other hand, the rival company, Sony, has announced long ago that it will not attend the conference. That is the first time in the event’s history when PlayStation’s company is not participating. Also, Microsoft has given another thing to keep our mind busy. The new console will launch alongside the game Halo Infinite.

Besides this, the new Xbox Scarlett’s controller will come with Bluetooth feature and a rechargeable battery which will work up to 40 hours. The pre-orders are available online, and it cost $179.99. Moreover, the Project xCloud is going in preview in October, so Microsoft is saying that with this streaming service, games can be accessed directly from their Xbox console. Finally, Microsoft is one of the companies that are better positioned than others, and it could capitalize on cloud gaming. The company says that more than 3.500 games will work on the service, and with the new Xbox Scarlett, imagine what you can have!

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