Nokia 5G Models Are Reportedly Under Development, And HMD Might Announce Them Soon

5G aims to be the next mobile network standard in the world, but as in the case of most emergent technologies, the deployment rate is quite low. According to some marketing analysts, the first impact made by the new standard will be perceivable after June 2019.

It is expected that most smartphone manufacturers will release a 5G-compatible device by the end of the year, with Apple being the only company which seems to go against the trend. The Cupertino-based giant likely wants to see if there is any real demand for 5G smartphones before adding support for it on one or several upcoming iPhone models.

In countries where the 5G is already spreading, there are already smartphone models which are compatible with the new network standards. HMD Global, which is the only official licensee of the Nokia brand, is currently focusing on the establishment of a substantial presence in the US by offering a selection of reliable and affordable Nokia 5G models.

Nokia 5G Models Are Reportedly Under Development, And The Announcements Might Come Out Soon

HMD Global is interested in the 5G segment, and a recent deal signed with Qualcomm is a solid hint that a Nokia 5G model could surface in the future. Nokia 9 PureView was well-received by consumers, and some critics and select sources claim that a new announcement is in the making. It is believed that a flagship with 5G and the popular Snapdragon 855 processor will be announced towards the end of Q3 2019 or the start of Q4 of this year.

Another rumor, which appeared several months ago, claimed that a device with the same specs would be unveiled in August. The gist is that a Nokia 5G smartphone will be on sale before the holiday season, but it remains to be seen if it will be available in the US and Canada, too.

A report shared by a trustworthy source claims that another Nokia 5G model with an affordable price would be announced at some point during this year. It may be the Nokia 8.2, and it could be launched in tandem with the other devices. Until an official announcement is offered, we can only hope that the future Nokia 5G models would indeed be worthy.

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