PUBG Erangel Map Is Getting Remastered, And Here Are All The Details

A couple of years ago, in March 2017, PlayerUnknown launched their multiplayer battle royal online game, Battlegrounds. To fans’ disappointment, the game only had one playable map at the time. Ever since then, developers added four new playable maps. However, Erangel did not receive many positive reviews, which is why PlayerUnknown decided to give the map a brand new face, with better visuals, a new vehicle and a ledge grabbing movement mechanic.

The PUBG map Erangel is getting remastered

You may wonder what ledge grabbing is. Basically, this new movement mechanic will give players the possibility to reach places they were not allowed to explore before. This ability is activated by jumping towards a ledge, and the character will automatically grab it and pull itself up.

The new vehicle, the BRDM, is an amphibious one. It is protected by heavy armor and can be used to drive across land and water. The rework of Battlegrounds’ original map was revealed during the latest development update. The team promised that Erangel will receive a complete visual update along with the launch of the upcoming season four of the game.

You can watch the announcement video below:

PUBG Erangel Remaster version looks amazing

After watching the video, we can all agree that the rework of the PUBG map Erangel looks very good. We sure hope the update will bring Erangel to the level of the other amazing maps of PUBG.

Even more, since PUBG is a multiplayer game that heavily involves gunplay, developers need to stay on top of their game when it comes to weapons. For example, one of the developers’ main goals is to regularly update the way guns work.  Besides in-game updates, PUBG seeks to enhance the out-game experience as well. This involves the progression system, weapon mastery, and rewards.

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