Opera Mini 43.1.2254.140112 Update is Now Available for Download with Faster File-Download Speeds

A powerful mobile browser is the first app that all smartphone users should download, especially if they enjoy surfing the web. There are lots of browsers that smartphone users can pick and choose from, but our top pick is always going to be Opera Mini. The reason behind this is that Opera Mini is a lightweight app which features a highly optimized software that lowers the overall mobile data consumption whenever users start surfing the web.

As if the reduced overall mobile data consumption was not impressive enough, the highly optimized software of Opera Mini also made it possible for the developers to make the app’s full size only a couple of MBs, even though it ships with a plethora of features. This makes Opera Mini the perfect mobile browser for older and entry-level smartphones that do not benefit from large internal storage spaces or microSD support.

New Update

The last thing that we want to mention about Opera Mini is that the app is updated on a daily basis. The developers who are in charge of Opera Mini want to make sure that the browser offers the fastest web-browsing experiences and this is why they are releasing new updates which introduce software tweaks and bug fixes. In fact, a brand-new update for Opera Mini has just been released.

The new update for Opera Mini sports the 43.1.2254.140112 version number and it comes with a bunch of important changes. According to the patch notes, Opera Mini will now download files at faster speeds than usual. To make things even better, the developers have also introduced a couple of bug fixes that enhance the performances of the “Search Bar” by removing various issues which caused Opera Mini to randomly lag at times.

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