Fortnite Stuttering – Here’s How To Fix It

Image: Epic Games

Is Fortnite stuttering on your computer, making you lose one game after another? Since the introduction of Fortnite, a Battle Royale title by Epic Games, several controversies came up over the game’s optimization.

However, the game was in its early stages, which meant not many issues would come up from several corners. But now that it is officially out, gamers still have issues like the Fortnite stutter problem.

Although the game’s developers are still trying to resolve gamers’ issues by rolling out patches and updates every few weeks, there are still some pending problems.

If you find Fortnite stuttering on your computer, we have the right solutions to help you fix the issue, especially if it’s persistent. However, you need to first understand what it means and its causes.

What is Fortnite Stuttering and What Causes It?

Many players have raised concerns about constant screen lags and random time jumps since the inception of online games. However, unlike the usual Fortnite lag, the stuttering issue is somewhat more complicated, which makes fixing it a bit difficult.

For an online video game, things like precision and catlike reflexes are required, and stuttering can cause more problems than good. With Fortnite stuttering and lags, many gamers who are active are switching to similar titles like H1Z1 or PUBG, but loyalists are still trying to find fixes for it.

If you want to resolve Fortnite stuttering, you can check out what causes Fortnite lags as they’re linked, and then find some tried and tested solutions below.

How to Fix Fortnite’s Stuttering

Fortnite stutters due to issues with network connection and the PC performance. To get rid of the stuttering, you need to change your PC and network settings, keeping in mind that one or two of such changes may not deliver the results you desire. Apply the changes below fully if you hope to see notable differences:

  • Stop Windows updates
  • Reduce in-game graphics
  • Delete crash dump files
  • Optimize PC for performance
  • Check VPN and antivirus settings
  • Defragment all disks
  • Adjust Windows for best performance
  • Enable UPnP
  • In Task Manager, add Fortnite to “High Priority”
  • Restrict background downloads and apps
  • Use a wired connection. For wireless, reduce distance between PC and router
  • Restrict network connections
  • Enable the QoS feature on your router if available
  • Avoid streaming while gaming online
  • Upgrade your internet subscription plan

If none of these fixes worked for you, check with Epic Games support for further help.

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