Google Play Store Material Theme Redesign – Here’s How To Enable It

The Google Material Theme is now available through an impressive redesign of the Google Play Store that happened earlier this year, in April. This revamp is accessible officially on Android along with the latest version of Google Play Store. Brand new accent colors such as green, red, or blue will be available in the app bar with the redesign of Google Play Store Material Theme. Moreover, the previous search field “Google Play” will turn into “Search for…”

Through the new bottom bar, the nested tabs that were previously known to violate the guidelines of the Material are now being removed. Thus, the carousel will only be for the pages with store specific, such as For You, Top Charts, Categories, Editors’ Choice, Family, and Early Access.

The Google Sans font will be featured in the section headers. On top of that, the actual “More” button will be removed, and an arrow will take its place. New tab indicators, pills, or buttons with faint outlines will also be included through the Material Theme characteristics.

Here’s How To Enable Google Play Store Material Theme Redesign

Following the belittlement of Play Music for YouTube Music, the music has also been downgraded. It is not a tab, and it is presently being placed in the navigation drawer as “Browse music” with shortcuts to the Play apps, and it will contain “Open Music app.”

The color of the background of the list called “My apps & games” is now completely white. Also, to achieve a cleaner more simple look, the line separators were also being taken out. Moreover, buttons also suffered transformations as well as the app listing. The app name will stand out more, and the section called “What’s new” has modified so that it will feature better spacing.

The Google Play Store 15.1.24 is required to get access to this revamped Material Theme, as stated on Reddit. You need to access the Play Store’s app info page so that you can clear cache and then force stop, after the installation to get this revamp.

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