Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Bad News Revealed By Samsung Insiders

Even though some not so optimistic rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 10 started spreading around, Samsung enthusiastic still expect it turn out great. However, sadly, two primary Samsung insiders came out to confirm some of the bad news.

Allegedly, the camera design of the new Galaxy Note 10 is complete chaos. That was confirmed by Max Weinbach, a reliable source of the XDA-Developers, as well as by the so-called “untouchable” Steve Hemmerstoffer, in a series of independent tweets posted recently.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might sport an ugly camera design

Weinbach stated when talking about the new Galaxy Note 10 Pro that he thinks that it is going to look considerably worse than people currently believe. On the other hand, Steve Hemmerstoffer also stated his opinion on this matter, which was also, by far, not a positive one. When asked if the Galaxy Note 10 would either an improvement or a downgrade from the last Galaxy flagship (S10), he affirmed that the camera design on Note 10 looks undeniably worse in comparison with that on Galaxy Note 9, at least when it comes to IMO.

If Hemmestroffer and Weinbach prove to be right in this regard, and they most likely will, considering that previous similar statements they released proved to be correct, this decision could be very costly for Samsung.

Taking into consideration the fact that the price is obviously too high to match its outside looks, the time chosen for its release might prove to be a not so well picked. That is because this might’ve been one of the rare chances Samsung had to capitalize Apple’s design monstrosity since it is known the Apple’s new releases will also have atrocious camera designs.

Galaxy Note 10 will also have its perks

However, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to also have several impressive features, such next-gen storage along with more RAM, some appreciable display transformations, and it will even be the Samsung smartphone that will charge in the shortest amount of time of all the smartphone released up to this point.

The good news, though, is that even if Galaxy Note 10 will prove to be a failure, at least regarding its design, Samsung is still creatively working on its further releases, which will be available on the markets soon afterward.

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