iPhone SE 2 Might Launch This Year, According to Rumors

Rumors spreading around about a more price accessible and smaller iPhone called iPhone SE 2 being released was disproved when the production of the device was canceled in 2018. However, recent rumors on this give hope to those that are looking for a midrange smartphone produced by Apple, since it is believed to be released sooner than expected, and it could be the same with iPhone XE.

iPhone SE 2 would please many of Apple’s fans

It is well known that Apple recorded a decrease in sales lately. This is due to the trade war between China and the U.S., as reported by Tim Cook, Apple CEO. It looks like iPhone didn’t manage to meet the demand for affordable mobile devices in the country, considering the release of a significant number of cheaper alternatives of phones recorded by the Far East, but the release of iPhone SE 2 might solve this problem.

The aspect that is leading many to believe that Apple is indeed going to launch a new iPhone SE is this high demand from users that are fashion-conscious and that don’t settle for a more than two years old device. Also, Apple revival of iPad Air and the launch of iPad mini from 2018 is also a sign that iPhone SE 2 might be the next one.

The rumors of the launch of a less expensive version of iPhone X led many to believe that this was the iPhone XR, but it wasn’t the case since it came out to be quite significant and it is not so budget friendly either. This could also point to the release of a new iPhone SE 2.

iPhone XE might launch by the end of this year

Moreover, sources suggest that iPhone XE is also going to be released as soon as this year, more precisely in the 3rd quarter, and the supposedly 4.8 inched phones will allegedly be less expensive in comparison with iPhone XR.

However, if the iPhone SE 2 does get released, some say that it might only be available in some Eastern countries such as China or India, as the launch will have the purpose of capturing the low-end market in those countries.

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