Apple Patches iOS 12.2 exploits But Unc0ver Still Confident of Imminent Jailbreak Release

The most recent update of Apple, iOS 12.3, has closed down any possible hacking for the previous version, 12.2. However, there are independent groups like unc0ver that are working on unlocking the Phones and the iPads OS.

The security researcher, Dany Lisianky, twitted recently that with iOS 12.3 the vulnerabilities have been fixed. He listed in a detailed documents the update notes.

“Apple just released iOS 12.3, which includes patches for three vulnerabilities. I discovered: CVE-2019-8593, CVE-2019-8568, CVE-2019-8637,” the hacker’s tweet was reported by Redmond Pie as saying. The last one, CVE-2019-8637, can allow the execution of arbitrary code. The group unc0ver is claiming that the production release is going to be more stable and pack fewer bugs and that their jailbreak only supports non-A12(X) Bionic devices like iPhone 7, 8, 6s etc.

Another group member @Pwn20wnd dropped the beta 51 release of the jailbreak tool with some changes and recommended to those interested to save their blobs because iOS 12.3 went live.

A blob is a short for binary large object which is a collection of binary data stored in a database management system. Blobs will allow rolling back of iOS versions that are open for jailbreaking procedure.

“We have been working on major updates for both unc0ver and Cydia’s backend, to make them incredibly stable, bug-free and fast like never before,” the developer was reported as claiming.

The update showed that at least for the time being the iOS is stable and not open for hacking. In his last tweet @Pwn20wnd has communicated that the updates will work for now “on iOS 11.1.1, 11.1.2, 11.2.1, 11.3.1, 12.0, 12.1, 12.1.1 and 12.1.2.”

Although there was no commitment from the group we assume that they are still working on a potential iOS 12.2 jailbreak release in the immediate future.

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