Fix Android Speaker Not Working

Android Speaker Not Working

Can’t hear anything from your Android phone speaker? Nothing is more frustrating when the speaker suddenly goes mute on an important or even juicy conversation.

If the speaker won’t work on your Android phone or tablet, you can restore it using a few fixes we’ve detailed below. These apply broadly to all Android OS phones or tablets.

How to fix Android Speaker Not Working

Quick checks and fixes

Check if the speaker is enabled and activate it. The speaker icon is highlighted or green, but if it isn’t, tap it to enable it.

  • Turn up the volume, which is mostly found on the left side on many phones. You can also press the volume up button to display the volume level indicator.
  • Adjust the settings for app sounds as some allow you to mute sounds separately aside from using volume controls. It is also possible you may have muted or turned low the app volume so check its sound settings if you don’t hear any sound
  • Check the media volume from Settings>Sounds and Vibration>Volume and then move the media slider to your right to add volume
  • Unplug your headphones if they’re plugged in as the speaker is disabled automatically when you plug in external devices
  • Remove the phone from its case as it may muffle the sound
  • Restart the phone or tablet to clear any software glitches that could be disabling sound
  • Power off your device and power it back on to fix any technical issues that a restart can’t
  • Reinsert your battery if it is removable

Disable Do Not Disturb

This feature can also be the reason your Android speaker isn’t working. Disable it by going to Settings>Do not Disturb toggle and turn it off. For Android Marshmallow (6.0), you may have to disable Alarms only, Total silence, or Priority only options.

Clean the speaker

Sometimes the phone’s speakers could be clogged up or dirty so cleaning it up could help. Power off the phone and remove the battery, and then use a can of compressed air to blow out any lint or debris in the speaker. If you’re not familiar with this, check with a smartphone dealer.

Reset all the phone’s settings

To do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General Management>Reset Settings
  • Now tap Reset Settings again

If all else fails, check the device’s documentation or manufacturer’s website for further guidance.

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