Google Pixel 3a Series Presents Some Glitches That Cause Random Shutdowns, WiFi Issues, and More

The Google Pixel 3a lineup is Google’s attempt to offer an accessible range of smartphone. The devices were well-received by reviewers and customers alike, but it seems that besides the good qualities of the Pixels, a few flaws managed to pass by quality control. Across several forum platforms, Pixel 3a users shared posts which describe a rather annoying bug: the devices tend to shut down randomly and without any kind of warming. According to a reliable source, the problem is present in the case of both the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL.

The bug tends to manifest when the device is in standby. The only to fix it is to initialize a manual reset. The users note that the device will work as expected after the reset, and data integrity is maintained. One user claimed that they faced the issues three times in a row in a single day.

Google Pixel 3a Series Presents Some Weird Glitches That Cause Random Shutdowns, WiFi Issues, and More

Other users attempted to mimic the situation in which the problem occurs in an attempt to learn more about the issue and potential fixes. It seems that the built-in safe mode, which boots the device with access limited to default apps, is unable to prevent the shutdown.

Some users pin the problem on the WiFi connection, arguing that the problem disappeared when the feature was disabled. A particularly popular post mentions that after a full reset the Pixel 3a didn’t run into any problems for approximately fifteen hours.

While Pixel devices are praised for their camera quality and overall value, they faced harsh criticism for a variety of bugs, ranging from the camera to performance, the display and other parts of the device.

It is known that the Pixel 2 was plagued by a similar issue which was produced by a faulty connection to cell signals. Google released an emergency patch which addressed the inconvenience, and the problem was forgotten. It remains to be seen if Google will manage to solve the issues with Google Pixel 3a series before a wave of dissatisfied customers returns their devices.

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