Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update is Now Rolling Out with Software Improvements

Facebook Messenger is a powerful chatting app that ships alongside Facebook. What makes Facebook Messenger stand out from all other chatting apps is the fact that it is equipped with a wide range of features that enable users to communicate with their friends and family members. On the downside of things, Facebook Messenger is quite infamous for using up lots of mobile data and hardware power in order to run at peak performance levels. While this might not be a problem for most Facebook Messenger users, we know that not everyone is able to afford a high-end smartphone that benefits from powerful specs. This is where Facebook Messenger Lite comes in and saves the day!

Introducing: Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is a lightweight version of the original app. However, this doesn’t mean that Facebook Messenger Lite doesn’t offer the same premium user experience or plethora of features. The only difference between Facebook Messenger Lite and the original version of the app is the fact its software has been optimized and tweaked out to run on lower internet conditions and to not require lots of mobile data in order to load conversations.

Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update

What’s great about Facebook Messenger Lite is that despite being a lightweight app, it still benefits from full-fledged developer support. This means that the lightweight chatting app is updated on a regular basis. In fact, a brand-new update has just arrived and it sports the version number.

The new update is available for all Facebook Messenger Lite users who are enrolled in the beta program and it’s rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels right now. Therefore, we are advising all Facebook Messenger Lite who are eligible for the update to download it as soon as it pops up in their notifications panels.

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