Latest Windows 10 Update Freezes Computers – Here’s How To Fix It​

The latest Windows 10 update preceding the one of this month has been reported by numerous users to freeze the device. The update freezes the computer during the update activity and restricts other users to reboot the device after the install is done. Now it seems that the most recent operating system optimizations are again blocking the Windows 10 from rebooting the computer. The prior problem occurred to only a few users who had to operate specific antivirus solutions, but this time, it happened to everyone trying to restore their device to somewhere before the latest update of the Windows was installed.

Latest Windows 10 Update Freezes Computers

The first user to observe that Microsoft has updated a support file concerning the system restore reboot issues was Bleeping Computer. You are risking to be blocked out of your computer if you have the system protection enabled on Windows 10 and have made a system restore point before installing the most recent update.

Also, Microsoft admits that in this case, the device may encounter a ‘stop error (0xc000021a)​’ and when you want to restart the computer, it will be obstructed in a failed reboot scheme created by the Windows 10 update that is supposed to defend your system from possible damage. The support document mentioned before claims that the issue is caused by the system restoring process executing the restoration of those utilized files. This data is kept in the system registry, and at the time of the reboot, the executed process ends: this is what it should happen.

However, when trying to restore to an earlier update restore point, Windows runs the driver .sys but then it first loads the extant drivers and after, the most recent versions. This occurs because the driver variants do not match the variants of the restored index files, Microsoft says.

How To Fix Latest Windows 10 Update Issues and Crashes

To fix this issue, restart your device and enter the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) which is supposed to automatically open after two successive failed trials to start the operating system. Once the WinRe window appears, follow the steps below:

  • Select ‘Troubleshoot’
  • Go to ‘Advanced options,’
  • Click on ‘More recovery options’
  • Select ‘Startup settings’
  • Click on ‘Restart now’
  • Select ‘Disable driver signature enforcement’ as multiple startup options appear

You might also need the F7 key to select this last option. The startup process will start now, and the system restore should happen and finish as supposed to.

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