Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Network Speed Test Shows Impressive Results

A tech blogger has released a test involving both 4G and 5G networks and each others’ speed. George L. Koroneos released a video on Twitter which clearly shows how faster a 5G network is in comparison to the actual 4G technology that exists in most of the smartphones at the moment, all over the world. The video clip presents a 5G-powered Samsung Galaxy S10, and George Koroneos carries an internet speed test with the device which was connected through 5G, and the conclusion is spectacular as it shows the download speed topping at 1098Mbps, which is about 1GB per second.

Even though numerous internet service suppliers, for instance, AT&T or Google Fiber already offer gigabit internet speeds to one’s place through fiber optics, a 1Gbps wireless data connection speed is unrivaled; let’s be honest. The mediocre 4G LTE data connection offers only speeds of around 20Mbps per second, and even the 4G LTE-Advanced data connection peak off at a practical speed of 40Mbps, which means that the brand new 5G data connectivity is roughly 18 times brisk than the usual 4G data connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Network Speed Test Shows Impressive Results

Needless to say, to take advance of a 5G data connection, you will have to acquire a 5G powered device. Samsung has announced its plans to launch a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10, sooner or later this year. On the other hand, Apple seems to be blocked by a contract with Qualcomm which restricts Apple to release any 5G powered devices until 2020 at the earliest (which is pretty interesting to note), so the tech giant won’t deliver any 5G iPhone devices until the year 2020.

Other options such as LG (on its dual-screen smartphone), Huawei Mate 20X foldable-screen phone, among others also commented on their plans to deliver a 5G network-based device in the near future.

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