iPad Mini Won’t Turn On? Here’s How To Bring It Back To Life

ipad won't turn on

If your iPad Mini won’t turn on, get it back to with these few simple fixes.

Preliminary Checks and Quick Fixes

  • Wake the iPad from Sleep state by pressing the Sleep/Wake button. If nothing happens, then the device is powered off and the battery isn’t in use
  • Try and increase brightness and see if it comes back on
  • Plug the device into a power outlet to charge. It may be that the battery drained completely and needs a boost to start again. Try and turn it on; it should power on automatically once the battery has enough juice to wake the iPad. If it won’t charge, bring it to room temperature, and then charge it. Try and turn the device on again.
  • Check that the charging port is clean as sometimes dust or dirt may block charging ports, hindering charging ability.
  • Check the cable connections inside the iPad, lightly patting the device to realign any loose cables that disrupt connectivity. Try and turn it back on again.

Reset your iPad

A hard reset works when the iPad is turned off, especially if you don’t see the slider on the screen or it doesn’t respond to taps. Resetting clears out memory (not data) and refreshes the iPad.

Press down the home and on/off buttons simultaneously even after the sliders appear. The screen will go black and the Apple logo will appear. At this point, release the buttons and allow the device to start up normally.

Restore to Factory Settings

If hard reset fails, try restoring it to factory default settings. This process will delete all your data, apps, settings, customizations and the device is restored to the state it was when you first unboxed it. Use this as a last resort solution.

Use Recovery Mode

Recovery mode helps you update your iPad’s software, and you can reinstall the latest iOS version. It doesn’t erase your data.

Remote Wipe Your iPad

You can erase your device remotely and get to Recovery mode to start it partially. Once it’s on, do a remote wipe and reset its software to fix what causes it not to turn on.

Ask an Expert

Visit an iPad expert or Apple Certified Repair Center for authorized service to resolve any hardware issues.

If nothing works at all, you may have to purchase a new iPad.

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