Opera Mini 42.0.2254.139276 Update Brings Stability and Performance Fixes

Opera Mini is a lightweight browser that has made its name in the Android community by offering a premium web browsing experience. The cool thing about Opera Mini is the fact that this lightweight browser has been optimized to lower the overall amount of mobile data it needs to use in order to provide users with a powerful web browsing experience. Not just that, but Opera Mini is equipped with a plethora of awesome features such as a built-in adblocker, video downloader and personalized newsfeed among others.

Opera Mini 42.0.2254.139276 Update

Opera Mini is not making headlines today thanks to its premium web surfing experience, but because the developers who are in charge of it have just released a new update. The update sports the 42.0.2254.139276 version number and focuses on improving the overall software stability of Opera Mini. The way that the new update does that is by introducing various stability and performance fixes.

Stability and Performance Fixes

We know that some Opera Mini fans might be disappointed to hear that the new update doesn’t come with any new and cool features, but we have to let everyone know that bug fixes are even more important. The bug fixes that Opera Mini’s latest update brings are taking the software stability of the lightweight browser to the next level, thus lowering the chances for Opera Mini to randomly crash or to start lagging.

To make things even better, the new update is also packed with a handful of software tweaks that focus on enhancing the performances of Opera Mini. This means that Opera Mini will run faster and smoother than usual after installing the new update.

APK Release

The last thing that we want to mention about Opera Mini’s new update is that it is also available in the form of APK. However, this means that all Opera Mini users who want to install it will need to manually download the APK release.

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