Google Play Services 17.1.91 Update with Faster Software Performance is Now Rolling Out

While some might say that the Google Play Store is the best feature that the Android operating system has to offer since it makes it possible for users to download millions of games and apps, we think that this is not true. The best and most important component of the Android operating system is Google Play Services and there is no doubt about that. The only reason why Google Play Services is not as popular as the Google Play Store is because Google Play Services is a background app.

Background App

As we have previously noted, Google Play Services is a background app. This means that even though Android users can’t see what Google Play Services does, they can certainly feel it. Google Play Services is in charge of high-priority and sensible tasks such as authentication to Android services, providing access to the latest user privacy settings, helping third-party apps receive OTA (over the air) updates and much more

Despite all of that, Google Play Services doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves and some Android users have even deleted the background app from their smartphones in order to free up storage space. However, they were all surprised to find out that all their other apps stopped working. This shows us just how important Google Play Services is to the Android operating system.

Google Play Services 17.1.91 Update

Now that we presented the importance of Google Play Services to the Android operating system, no one should be surprised to find out that the Android parent is constantly releasing software updates that improve the performances of this service.

In fact, a brand-new update which sports the 17.1.91 version number has just arrived. The new update for Google Play Services focuses on improving its overall performances and it does that by introducing a handful of software tweaks and bug fixes.

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