UC Browser Turbo Update with Various Software Changes is Now Available

UC Browser is one of the most popular and powerful browsers available for Android smartphones. However, what many people don’t know about this mobile browser is that there is also an enhanced version of it called UC Turbo. What makes UC Turbo stand from all other mobile browsers is the fact that the developers have created it with a sole purpose in mind, and that is to provide users with a premium user browsing experience.

Therefore, UC Turbo features a minimalist user interface design and it isn’t equipped with news flow or push messages. Nonetheless, UC Turbo has just received a new update and today we are going to cover everything about it.

UC Turbo Update

The latest update for UC Turbo sports the version number and it weighs in at 34.29MB. However, UC Turbo fans shouldn’t be fooled by the small size of the update and think that it is a simple maintenance update because it’s not. This is a high priority update that introduces a handful of important software changes.

Software Changes

  1. Faster Video Loading;
  2. Support Multiple Languages;
  3. Updated latest Ad Block Rules;
  4. Several stability improvements.

As we can see in the patch notes listed above, the latest update for UC Turbo is a high priority release. First off, the update makes it easier for users to watch online videos by adding a couple of software improvements to video loading.

Not just that, but the update also introduces support for a couple of additional languages and it updates the latest Ad Block Rules. What this means is that UC Turbo will do a much better job of blocking annoying ads than usual. Last but not least, the new update for UC Turbo brings a couple of software stability improvements.

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