Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game 4.5.2a Update Comes with Battle Royale and Weapon Affinity Features

Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game or Sniper Fury for short is a fun mobile game for Android fans that offers a fun gameplay experience where the player takes on the role of an elite sniper that needs to save the world from dangerous people. What makes Sniper Fury stand from other FPS (first-person-shooter) style games is the fact that Sniper Fury offers the “most stunning graphics” of all sniper shooting games for smartphones, thus making the game feel more immersive.

Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game 4.5.2a Update

Nonetheless, the reason why Sniper Fury is making headlines today is because the fun game has just received a new update. This is a high priority update that introduces real-time PVP features and a brand-new Battle Royale mode. As we all know, Battle Royale titles have been taking over the gaming industry with Apex Legends, PUBG and Fortnite being the best examples of that.

Another fun feature that the new update introduces is called “Vigilant Squadmates” which players can find and defeat. To make things even better, Sniper Fury now offers a new weapon affinity that resets all gear cooldowns after taking an enemy down.

Top Features

Since we are talking about Sniper Fury, let’s go ahead and check out which are the games best features so that everyone can get a good idea of that Sniper Fury has to offer.

  • Unbelievable 3D sniper graphics that probably make this the best game for FPS gun fun.
  • Take your gun game to the next level; shoot 3D sniper rifles, railguns & more!
  • Upgrade your battlefield arsenal to strike at evil!
  • Custom options make your best games even better.
  • Steal resources from players in this PvP Multiplayer shooting game.
  • Build a strong shooter squad in possibly the best game of its kind.
  • Earn a high score and aim to enter the top game league and unlock the best rewards!

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