Nodis Platform Wants to Revolutionize The Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies are always changing, and evolution takes place at a really rapid pace. One of the most important players who entered this industry is probably the social media influencer.

Such online influencers who are mostly activating on Instagram have managed to create a brand for themselves, and people recognize and trust them. This is why these people have become real MVPs in the field, and they can definitely help brands gain more trust, popularity, and loyalty from clients.

The Nodis online platform created a whole environment that brings together these social media influencers, brand, and all potential customers, creating strong connections between all the parties involves. And besides these connections, everyone who’s involved also gets to enjoy a financial reward which is probably the main attraction of such an idea.

Nodis boosts online marketing

The Nodis platform is a gamified space which has been designed with online marketing in mind. The virtual space brings together social media influencers, brand and customers, and it aims to help local businesses get a boosted online presence. This way, customers will notice them easier and enhance the in-store traffic while, at the same time, managing to stand out from the competition.

Nodis came up with a really fun program called the “Challenge Program” which involves the posting of a challenge on the platform by companies. The challenge is then submitted for review and platform users can vote.

The most attractive thing is that both participants and voters will be rewarded in NODIS tokens for their activity. It’s important to mention that the coins can only be purchased by GAS tokens from the NEO blockchain during the two sales phases.

The tokens have real-world use cases, and this is essential these days in this industry. They can be redeemed for vouchers of products and services in

The initial sale of NODIS tokens

There will be two rounds of funding involved in this program.  After the first one, the expectation is that by June, a minimum first version of the final product is ready to be checked. In this first phase, all the capital required for the first year of operation would be ready.

During the second round of funding and after the final product is ready, the Nodis platform should be ready to operate fort up to four years without needing more capital.

There’s a supply limit of 100 million tokens set sand 20 million of them are available for the initial sale. Read more about the distribution of the NODIS tokens and the benefits of the platform in the official whitepaper of the project.

Nodis is set to revolutionize online marketing and create a promotion which is closer to the consumer whether it’s about wellness, health, digital creations, technology and more.

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