New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks Revealed More Details On The Camera Features

While more and more performant smartphones are released, users may sometimes find it hard to navigate through the sea of revolutionary features and incredible specs. However, some devices manage to stand out about everything else that is on the market. One of them is the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and, as it happens with any much-awaited product, rumors and leaks have been encountered all over the internet, while fans are eagerly awaiting the new model’s launch.

What we know so far about Galaxy Note 10, according to the rumors

Here are a few of the rumors we heard by now about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

  • Appearance: no physical buttons, hole-punch cutout to accommodate the front camera, glass back.
  • Release Date: since Samsung made a habit of releasing new products in the fall, we expect the company to do the same with the Note 10
  • Price: between $1000 and $1500.
  • Specs: Qualcomm Snapdragon855 processor, between 8 and 12 GB of RAM, 6.75 inches display, triple or quad rear camera setup.

Camera features revealed thanks to new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks

One of the latest leaks regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 2019 focuses on the device’s camera specifications. Recently, Samsung announced they are planning to launch two new camera sensors of 64 MP and 48 MP.

The sensors are still in the testing stage, but it’s rumored they will be launched sometime during the second half of this year. Since the Note 10 is expected to be launched around the same time, fans put two and two together and came to the conclusion that the new device will feature the new camera sensors. The 64MP sensor is a premiere for Samsung, sporting the highest resolution the company offers, with 0.8-micrometer μm pixel image sensors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to launch in August this year, given the fact that previous models also came out around the same period of the year.

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