Google Search and Google Lens Received Some New Features and Improvements

Now when you go to Google Search on your device, you will see that it does not look the same as some time before because recently some changes were introduced at Google I/O 2019 including some from Google Lens. Google Lens also received a few updates.

Google Search got new features

One addition to Search is the new AR which gives the user a sense of detail and sense as it allows them to see the 3D objects into the space they want and also interact with them. If we take into consideration the example of a great white shark that can reach 18 feet in length, you would understand that better if you see it next to a desk or something you are used to. If you want to see an animal in AR or 3D, you will get an option in the Knowledge Panel when you search for them.

Samsung, New Balance, Target and more such companies will make their own additions to the Search, viewable in AR. Choosing the shoes you want will never be as hard as it is now and you can also try them with an outfit of choice. For example, you want to find a pair of shoe that goes well with a dress. All you need to do is to put it on your bed and add the shoes you thought of next to it and…voila!

Google Lens is not left aside

Google chose to do more with Google Lens, and you will understand when we describe the new feature. Google Lens allows the user to, for example, point their smartphone or tablet at a local food menu and they will see the most popular dishes being highlighted right on the physical list. Google is using information from Google Maps to do so. If you want to see more of a meal, this feature will also show you pictures.

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