Vivaldi 2.5 Internet Browser Launched With Razer Chroma Support

The release of the first desktop web browser in the world to ever feature Razer Chroma deep integration took place today with the launch of the Vivaldi 2.5 Internet browser with support for Razer Chroma which has been developed for gaming devices, and it is a lighting ecosystem considered the most exciting one in the world.

Vivaldi 2.5 browser comes with Razer Chroma support

The popularity of Vivaldi has increased over a short period, but now it is even more talked about after it included Razer Chroma integration for Chroma-enabled devices in the Vivaldi 2.5. If you are a Vivaldi user than you will take advantage of the fact that Razer Chroma integration allows you to browse on your Chroma-enabled devices experiencing a vast range of effects such as lighting one that syncs colors in a dynamic way when you change websites.

“This unique integration with Razer Chroma adds another dimension to browsing altogether,” says the CEO of Vivaldi Jon von Tetzchner.

Vivaldi has the natural fit of respecting the unique way in which a user expresses their individuality, and also they play style, so Razer Chroma keeps that as well. If you are an avid gamer than there is no way you will now enjoy what this feature provides you with.

How to Enable Razer Chroma in Vivaldi 2.5

It is not hard to enable the Razer Chroma integration in Vivaldi 2.5 if you cautiously follow the next instructions. The first step would be to head to Settings where you need to access the Themes section. Arrived there, the “Enable Chroma” box needs to be checked, and then the Razer Chroma integration will be working on your Chroma-enabled device.

At the moment, only Windows computers can support Razer Chroma. If you want to download Vivaldi 2.5, you can find it on the official website waiting for you to install it on your Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux device.

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