Samsung Works On Developing a Full-Screen Smartphone

We all know that Samsung has been prone to perhaps develop at some point in time a full-screen phone, and in accordance with a piece of new information, the time might soon come. Different media channels in South Korea have been reported on Monday, May 6th that Samsung is currently developing a new device that has a perfect full screen. Previously stated by MyDrivers, this news implies that Samsung is at the moment working on a smartphone that will hide the front-facing camera into the screen and keep it that way until used, the characteristic being similar to the in-display fingerprint sensor Samsung released on the market with its Galaxy S10.

However, developing a genuinely full-screen smartphone is no joke, but Samsung has been heading to it with its Galaxy S10 series of devices which all come with small punch hole display that holds the front-facing camera. A Samsung opponent OnePlus is rumored to be developing and launching a new forerunner named OnePlus 7 Pro that will apparently come with a pop-up selfie camera which will design a full-screen effect.

Samsung Works On a Full-Screen Smartphone

Apple and Google along with other tech companies have been tenaciously glued themselves to a mark design that comes with a hideous black section at the top of the screen, with that being sufficient to decrease frame size, but not enough to appear like a full-screen concept. Samsung’s device will supposedly have the ability to get rid of the hole and notch and disuse a pop-up front camera, according to the recent news, but the company would implement the camera lens within the screen. Even though there wasn’t any method like this before, we can’t say it won’t work without also seeing it implemented.

Also, a report said that Samsung had numerous problems while trying to implement the in-screen fingerprint sensor and make it function and it took a few years to succeed before introducing it to the Galaxy S10. Let’s hope Samsung won’t have the same issues this time as well.

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