Apple Has Been Lying About How Long an iPhone Battery Could Last

Before the iPhone XR was launched, 25 hours was the term of working Apple gave it, but it looks like the manufacturer has been telling some lies not only about this model but also about other iPhones, according to Which?, a UK consumer watchdog that conducted the necessary tests to prove the Cupertino-based company wrong.

What were the results of the tests?

According to the tests themselves, it was not a surprise to see that the nine recent iPhone models that were used did not last as long as Apple was claiming. Compared to that, the iPhones went up to 51% less runtime that the one supposed to be.

According to Apple, the battery of the iPhone XR should run for 25 hours straight while in the tests conducted by Which? the flagship did not last longer than 17 hours. Apple heard about this quickly and disagreed utterly.

What did the company affirm about this issue?

Business Insider received a statement from Apple in which the company said they stand behind the claims they made about the battery life of their smartphones as they are always testing out their performance themselves.

This does not only happen to Apple

Being keen on proving manufacturers wrong, the company also tested HTC smartphones. Compared to the iPhones, the change in testing is not that big. HTC offered their phone a talk time of 20.5 hours while the UK consumer watchdog proved it to last 5% less, only 19.6 hours.

They have also tested some smartphones coming from Nokia, Samsung, and Sony, but no numbers have been declared. Aside from that, one phone surpassed their expectations lasting about 9 hours more than the claim of the manufacturer. The Xperia Z5 Compact from Sony lasts almost 26 hours instead of dying after 17.

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