When Will iPhone SE 2 (XE) Be Released?

iPhone SE was one of the best-selling models from the company, and its price tag and design made it even more desirable. The SE model was released in 2016, and after three years later we already are talking about another version of the device. iPhone SE 2 has gained the attention of rumors and leakers, and it is said that the device will come next month or in March 2020. We know that Apple is preparing for their 2019 flagship models, the iPhone 11, so another release can disrupt the sales.

Specifications for iPhone SE 2 from Rumors

As we are already accustomed to the iPhone SE line, the next model will be the same. If the previous model had 123.8×58.6×7.6 mm and weighted 113 g, the iPhone SE 2 will have 120x62x8 mm and weighs 175 g. Also, the display of the iPhone SE 2 will feature a 5.1-inches LED, running at 1498-by686 resolution and 326 PPI. This is a multi-touch screen, with full-color display for True Tone.

Moreover, another rumor suggests that the successor of the SE will be iPhone XE, which will feature a 5.42-inches display. At the same time, we have heard the possibility of that a 4.8-inches display is coming with the iPhone XE. Besides this, the model will have 7nm A12 SoC, a True Depth camera setup, and the Face ID will be added. Sometimes you get lost in rumors and features because we even heard the idea that three screen size for the future iPhone lineup. Those will be 5.42-inches, 6.06-inches, and 6.67-inches. It is becoming much harder to choose one rumor and believe it.

Besides this, the inside of the iPhone SE 2 will be an A11 Bionic chip, a 64-bit ARM system, and storage of 128 GB. The rear camera will have 12MP, and 7 MP the front camera. Also, the new iPhone SE 2 will feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit LTE, Face ID, dual-SIM support, and Lightning connector.

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