Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Beta Is Now Available Across Australia and New Zealand

Harry Potter fans were looking forward towards the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite since the game was announced. Niantic has recently announced that a beta version of the game is now available in Australia and New Zealand. Android users can download the game from Google Play, and it is likely that it will be soon available for iOS as well.

The upcoming augmented reality project is co-developed by WB San Francisco and Niantic. The latter is already famous as developer of Pokémon Go, a title played by millions of people from all over the world.

The plot of the game in quite enticing and it seems that users will enjoy a brilliant experience. According to the story, a major calamity affected the wizarding world. A large number of Foundables, which is an umbrella term for creatures, artifacts, and people, have appeared in the Muggle World.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Beta Is Now Available Across Australia and New Zealand

The Ministry of Magic has to deal with this situation, and a special Statute of Secrecy has been created. Players will join the ranks of this organization in an attempt to track down Foundables spread across the world and to discover the circumstances which lead to the event.

A special Map will allow players to follow traces of magic, which lead to Foundables. These traces will be spread across various real-world landmarks and locations. When your smartphone detects a scene, a beautiful encounter will be rendered with the help of advanced AR magic.

You are not the only one who is searching for them, and an array of spells will allow you to tackle the magic which protects them in the. Side activities will encourage players to brew potion and explore interesting locations. A robust multiplayer component allows several wizards to work together as they face an assortment of challenges, including mighty foes which can’t be defeated by a single person. It is likely that the game will be released in the following months.

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