UC Browser Update Makes it Easier to Download Online Videos and Music

When it comes to popularity, UC Browser is one of the most successful mobile browsers in the world with nearly 20 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. What makes this mobile browser stand out from its competition is the fact that it provides users with a premium web surfing experience. However, this is not all that UC Browser does. The developers who are in charge of this mobile browser have made sure to equip it with a plethora of fun features such as the ability to download online videos and then watch them while offline.

UC Browser Update

We have some amazing news to share with UC Browser fans today! The mobile browser has just received a new update and it changes its version number to This is a high priority update because instead of focusing on bug fixes, the update introduces a couple of software tweaks that make it easier for users to download online videos.

Download Online Videos with UC Browser

As previously noted, the mobile browser excels when it comes to downloading online videos. Therefore, UC Browser fans should be happy to find out that the new update which sports the version number reduces the number of steps that users need to take whenever they want to download any type of online content, including music videos and all other types of interesting online content.

Main Features

Now that we presented the software improvements that the latest update for UC Browser brings, let’s go ahead and check out the main features that the mobile browser has to offer. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

  1. Lots of stickers that users can share with their friends;
  2. Premium web browsing experience;
  3. Small Window Mode;
  4. Fast Download Features;
  5. Cricket Card Feature;
  6. UC Browser uses lesser mobile data than all other browsers;
  7. Built-in Adblocker;
  8. Facebook Mode;
  9. Night Mode;
  10. An endless source of downloadable online videos.

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